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Policies and Guidelines
Is the goal of Lane Property Management to provide the best possible customer service. We respond to each customer request promptly and we maintain each property in the best possible condition.

The customerís quiet enjoyment of the property shall take precedent over the pursuit of property maintenance and improvement.

  1. Move-in condition addendum
  2. Additional lessees
  3. Pets
  4. Normal repairs
  5. Emergency repairs
  6. Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers
  7. HVAC unit filters
  8. Pest control
  9. Micro-organisms
  10. Boats, RVs, trailers and other non-operable vehicles
  11. Backyard gardens and sheds
  12. Landscape maintenance
  13. Alley maintenance
  14. Move-out guidelines

Move-in condition addendum

Each customer may create a move-in condition addendum within the first 30 days of occupancy to be appended to the lease contract. This move-in condition addendum is optional. Lane Property Management will work to prepare the property to a condition such that there will be no need for a list of deficiencies.

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Additional lessees

Any adult resident living in any property for 14 or more days must be added to the lease contract.

Each and every adult on the lease will be fully responsible for every provision of the lease individually. There will be no increase in rent or security deposit upon the addition of a lessee.

The purpose of this policy is to assure full responsibility and accountability for each adult living in a home. There is no need to modify a lease when a minor moves into a home.

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Pets are allowed subject to a pet deposit payable either at application or during tenancy if the customer acquires a pet during the rental period. Most pets are welcome, however there are restrictions for types of dogs, and dangerous or endangered species of any type are not allowed.

Any pet resident at a property for 14 days or more must have pet deposit. Failure by a customer to pay a pet deposit is cause for termination of the lease contract.

Pet deposits are fully refundable, subject only to the condition of the property at vacancy. If a pet leaves the property before the customer vacates the home, then the pet deposit will be returned when the pet vacates if no damage is found upon inspection of property.

Dogs must be at least 2 years old. And, any dog found to be dangerous to humans or other animals will not be allowed.

Some other classes of pet are not allowed. Examples of pets not allowed are poisonous snakes and reptiles, un-caged birds, any endangered species, or any dangerous animal.

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Normal repairs

It is the policy of Lane Property Management to provide all repairs to the property at no cost to the customer. This policy of Lane Property Management goes well beyond the requirements outlined by Texas State Law, and covers essentially all repairs. Repairs will be paid for by Lane Property Management except where damage is created willfully by the customer.

To report something needing repair, call Lane Property Management during business hours to schedule an appointment. It is Lane Property Management policy to not enter a customerís home unless the customer or another member of the household is there.

Some issues may require expertise beyond that of Lane Property Management. There are a number of preferred service and repair suppliers listed in the appendix of this policy manual who bill us directly. If expert services are needed, customers will be asked to arrange repairs with these outside companies directly so work may be scheduled at the customerís convenience.

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Emergency repairs

In the case of an emergency where Lane Property Management cannot be reached, the customer is empowered to call any preferred service and repair supplier or any other repair specialist in order to fix the emergency. Lane Property management will pay any bills arising from emergency repairs.

Emergencies include fires, active plumbing leaks, electrical hazards, or any other condition that threatens health safety.

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Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers

It is Texas State Law that residential real estate must have smoke detectors. The smoke detectors in all Lane Property Management homes are hard-wired to the house electrical system, but they also have a 9-Volt back-up battery to allow continued smoke detector operation in case of power failure. Detectors will emit a loud ďchirpĒ when batteries need to be replaced. Customers may replace batteries themselves or call Lane Property Management to come replace the battery.

Smoke detectors should be periodically tested. Lane Property Management tests each detector when a property is vacant, but the customer is responsible for testing the detectors in their home during tenancy.

All homes have fire extinguishers supplied by the Lane Property Management under the kitchen sink. Customers should inspect fire extinguishers periodically to ensure that the internal pressure is in the green range of the gauge by the handle.

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HVAC unit filters

It is the customerís responsibility to change the filter on the HVAC unit each month. Lane Property Management provides filters to each customer.

Failure to change the filter causes damage to the unit. The cost for HVAC repair may be the customerís responsibility if it is found to be caused by the willful disregard of changing the filters.

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Pest control

The customers in any home are expected to take reasonable care to prevent and exterminate pests. This includes storing food properly, reporting any broken or missing screens and using normal home spray remedies.

If normal prevention and remedial measures prove ineffective, Lane Property Management will have the property exterminated professionally at no expense to the customer.

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It is the Policy of Lane Property Management to require indemnification by Lessees of the Landlord against claims relating micro-organisms including Black Mold. Reciprocally, Landlord covenants to address immediately conditions that lead to or support infestations.

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Boats, RVs, trailers and other non-operable vehicles

Boats, RVs, utility trailers and other non-operable vehicles may be parked in the driveway or on the street for up to 72 hours. After that time, they must be parked in the garage, behind the setback line of the home (within the backyard fence), or moved to a rental storage yard, as per both Lubbock and Wolfforth City Ordinances.

There is no restriction on cars, pick-up trucks, mini-vans, SUVs and other passenger vehicles which appear to be in good working condition.

No vehicles may be parked on the lawn for any period of time.

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Backyard gardens and sheds

It is the policy of Lane Property Management to allow a garden or flowerbed in the backyard so long as these gardens/beds are not raised. There will be no deduction from the security deposit for removal of grass in the back yard and the creation of a garden.

Backyard sheds that comply with Lubbock City Ordinances or Wolfforth City Ordinances are allowed. Generally, these cities do not restrict sheds smaller than 200 square feet.

Upon vacancy, sheds must be removed and any sections of fence that had to be removed to accommodate the shed must be repaired. There will be no deduction from the security deposit for replacement of the grass.

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Landscape maintenance

Lane Property Management promotes and encourages excellent lawn and landscaping maintenance. It is the customerís responsibility to maintain the landscaping on the property.

The customer is fully empowered to plant additional plants and flowers as well as other landscaping entirely at their discretion.

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Alley maintenance

It is the customerís responsibility to cut the weeds in the alley behind their home. The City of Lubbock periodically makes alley inspections. They look for weeds taller than 24 inches.

A warning is given first which will be sent to the customer. From the date of the warning, the customer has 30 days to cut the weeds. Failure to do so results in a City fine of $150 which will be the customerís responsibility to pay.

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Move-out guidelines

These guidelines will be considered in assessing security deposit deductions. It is Texas State Law that an accounting of any deductions from the security deposit must be sent to the former tenant within 30 days of vacancy, subject to the former tenant leaving a forwarding address.

Security and pet deposit return checks will be made out to the lessees named in the lease contract. If there is no forwarding address left, Lane Property Management mails deposits to the house formerly occupied by the tenant, leaving forwarding to the USPS.

STOVE: Clean oven and stovetop, removing all drips and grease. Replace burner drip pans if they cannot be cleaned.

VENT HOOD: Clean greasy residue from inside and outside. The filter may be washed in the dishwasher.

DISHWASHER: Clean front and inside.

CABINETS: Wipe inside and outside removing all spills and drips.

BATHROOMS: Clean sink, tub, toilet, counter tops, cabinets and floors thoroughly. Wipe inside and outside the cabinets removing all spills and drips.

TILE FLOORS: Mop clean.

CARPET: As stated in your lease agreement, the carpets must be professionally cleaned. If not done so, the cost of having it done will be deducted from your security deposit. Our preferred service provider is Texan Carpet Cleaners, Don Race, 806-798-6235.

WOODWORK/BASEBOARDS/DOORS: Wipe clean all dirt and marks with a damp cloth.

CABINETS/CLOSETS/DRAWERS: Remove all shelf paper, decals, and clothes hangers. Wipe inside and outside of drawers with a damp cloth.

WINDOWS: Clean inside panes with glass cleaner. Wipe sills and frames with damp cloth.

BLINDS: Dust or damp-wipe clean.

FIREPLACE: Clean inside, leaving no ashes or firewood.

CEILING FANS/LIGHT FIXTURES: Vacuum or wipe with damp cloth. Replace burned-out bulbs.

HEATER/AC FILTER: Replace with a clean filter.

PORCHES/GARAGE/PATIO: Sweep clean; remove all trash.

YARDS & ALLEY: Mow and remove all trash, firewood, toys, etc. Remove all pet feces.

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